5 Glitter eyeliners for the rock star in you

Woman with green makeup, black eyeliner, hands covered with glitter

Glitter eyeliners have been extremely popular lately in the makeup world. But are they perfect for your everyday wear? Yes, yes, they are. They can give a stylish accent in your daytime makeup or make you the star of the evening.

If you’re like me and every time you see something shiny, a little crow pops up on your shoulder and whispers buy, then you’re probably wondering if it’s worth it. But there is no need to wonder if the last eyeliner purchased will live up to your expectations. The following five glitter eyeliners will give a shining boost to your daily routine and make you feel like a rock star. The fact that you’re probably just going to get a latte doesn’t matter. Frost yourself! * (yes, a fan of How to lose a guy in 10 days here:))

Nyx Glitter Goals Liquid eyeliner in Stage Trooper 

Stage Trooper is a gorgeous, dark graphite glossy eyeliner with colored particles in it.


With its liquid gel formula, once dried, the eyeliner does not move. But be patient and wait, because it does dry a little slower. There is no fallout. Glitter particles glow beautifully in purple, blue, red, green and gold. It’s great for daytime makeup without a pencil underneath, with a slight accent over a neutral shade of color. Or for a more magnificent evening makeup, you can make the line thick and apply over a black pencil for a stronger effect.


There is a very strong scent of plastic, typical of some eyeliners and mascaras, but at least it doesn’t irritate my eyes.

The brush

Long. It is a little thicker and needs a little patience to apply precisely.

When you remove the eyeliner

Be careful with the large pieces that can irritate the eye if you are very aggressive or the pressure is greater. Unfortunately, there is such a risk with all glitter particles, especially larger ones.

Makeup Revolution London glitter eyeliner in Iced Diamond 

Iced Diamond is a very delicate, shiny white eyeliner, with light golden and orange highlights.


It needs two or three applications, dries slower. Once dry, it does not move.


Very weak. It does not irritate the eyes and creates a snowy fairytale effect on the lashes, in my opinion. Especially if you have darker lashes, it stands out great as shiny snowflakes on your eyelids.

The brush is very fine and short.

It is easy to clean, there are no particles to irritate the eye area.

Nyx love lust disco Metallic liquid liner Rollin’ Deep


Rollin ‘Deep is a finer type of glitter eyeliner, with a metallic effect. It flashes great with the small shiny particles in it.




It is deep black, with a very thin and precise brush. It dries quickly and does not move all day.

Above a black pencil creates a great thin shiny line, and is extremely suitable if you are a fan of the thin cat-eye line with a sharp edge.

It is easy to clean without particles irritating the eye area.

Urban Decay, Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner Midnight Cowboy


This is the best glitter eyeliner ever! Midnight Cowboy is a sheer gel eyeliner with medium-sized glitters in gold that will turn you into a rock star, no matter where or when.




With a small precise brush, it is easy to apply. Dries quickly. The particles do not move until you decide to remove them.

Cleaning starts with a light cat-and-mouse game because your entire eye area becomes a disco ball, but it’s worth it. It doesn’t tingle or scratch the eye area, you just have to patiently catch the naughty particles with the makeup pad.

Whether during the day, as a gentle accent in your makeup, or an evening at a party, Midnight Cowboy will pull the attention. There will be questions. What is it? Where is it from? How does it shine so great over the eyelashes?

This is the best eyeliner! I told you so, but I’ll repeat it. Just in case.

So you are wondering which one will be number 5?

Trend it up Catch the light eyeliner in green


Trend it up Catch the light eyeliner does not have a separate color name, only a number, 030. Lovely metallic eyeliner in green, with green glitter. Trend it up, DM’s beauty brand, is the lowest price eyeliner I’ve ever come across. So my surprise that it was actually quite good was great.


Very light, pleasant. It does not irritate the eyes.


The small and short brush applies well.

The eyeliner is not waterproof, but it holds up very well, especially over a pencil. It is easy to clean and there are no particles to chase. The color is deep and you can really see that you have a colored eyeliner.


These were five eyeliners I think you must try. Black, white, or even colored. Some with larger particles, others more discrete. Whatever your preference, I think you can count on these five eyeliners not to disappoint you. After all, everyone should be able to feel like a rock star, even if it’s just for a coffee with friends. Tell me, do you have a favorite glitter eyeliner?

5 Eyeliners Nyx Rollin Deep, Nyx Stage Trooper, Trend it up, Revolution Iced Diamond, Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy
5 Glitter eyeliners, Nyx, Dm, Urban Decay, Revolution

* That’s my opinion of the products I have purchased and tried. Whether you agree or not is your right. But remember, we are all different, and there are no perfect products. So don’t be afraid to give a product a try and most importantly, have fun, it’s just makeup 😉

Wanna know more about the beautiful header image? Click here https://unsplash.com/photos/kvqdDW4ykEU Photo by Mar Bustos on Unsplash.

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